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Notes & Musings From My Coaching Experience

Agni Nakshatra is Chennai Ultimate Frisbee’s free annual introductory bootcamp + mini-tournament in which volunteer coaches spend time teaching new players the sport. I got to spend some time with some enthusiastic folks who turned up to try out Ultimate for the first time ever.  Some of them had heard about the sport from our media coverage for Chennai …

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Valuing Women Role Models in Sport

One of the things that drew me to ultimate was the many nuances of gender equality that are embedded within the sport. One example is the mixed division – a division in which men and women play high-caliber ultimate together on one team. Another example is the ‘Open’ division, which is open to all genders and all ages. My appreciation for …

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Applications of Lucid Dreaming in Sports

By: Paul Tholey The following article has above all a practical orientation. The various possibilities for the application of lucid dreaming in sports training are presented and briefly illustrated. These theses are based on findings from experiments with experienced lucid dreamers who were instructed to carry out various routine and sport-related actions while lucid-dreaming, with …

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Fan Feedback

As the title alludes to, I’m looking for some topic suggestions from my fans/readers. I have quite a few that are in draft stage but if you have some current/urgent questions for me, I can make sure that those will get posted first. Stay tuned as I will be posting a great diagram that will …

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