I am available for ultimate frisbee clinics for yourself, a group of friends, your team, or your league. I have run league wide clinics in Calgary, Saskatoon and Halifax and taught anywhere from 1 to 120 people at once. I have 6 Guinness World Records in flying disc, and have been coaching/teaching sports for over 20 years and I am passionate about empowering people to teach others.

The goal of the clinics is to ultimately teach teams/individuals how to become better players but most importantly, how to self coach and how to teach other members of their team.

The main focus of my clinics are on throwing (and handling) and catching since these are the most important elements of playing ultimate and are what people struggle with the most (in my opinion). The throwing portion of the clinics will be focused not only on the mechanics of the throw but also on what sort of practice you can do on your own in order to become a better thrower and handler.

Local Clinics (within Calgary): I can meet you/your teammates anywhere in the city for throwing/playing clinics. My rate is $50/hour for 1on1 or $25/person/hour for a group of 4+.

Destination Clinics (anywhere in the World): I can be booked for clinics in other cities/countries. I would require that my travel is covered (flights & car rental), my accommodations and foods. I ask that you give me at least 2 months notice for a clinic. I have run clinics in Israel and Mexico and would love to do more!

I can also customize the clinics based on your individual/team needs. If you or your team are interested in setting up a clinic, contact me using the form below.

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