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I prefer partnering with companies where there is a mutually beneficial relationship. All of my current partners are either products I was already using before I approached them, I know them personally, or they approached me.

Current Partners




Future Opportunities

I’m looking for partnership opportunities. Based on the demographics of ultimate frisbee (pdf), ultimate players have an average income of $60,000, are 27 years old, spend $1,000 on ultimate and related gear every year and 75% regularly take energy bars. Follow the link to see all of the demographics for ultimate frisbee players which will give you a much better idea of why they are such a great group of players to target.

I’m looking for companies such as:

  • Energy bars. nutritional supplement, sports drinks, organic foods, etc
  • Sports equipment such as soccer/football/rugby cleats,
  • Outdoor stores which sell camping equipment, hiking gear, canoeing gear, and winter sports gear (skiis, snowboards, snowshoes, etc)
  • Health and physical supply stores such as knee/ankle/wrist braces, medical tape, physio, massage therapists, chiropractors
  • High end sunglass retailers
  • Bike stores for mountain and road bikes

If you are with an organization which fits into one of the above categories (or if you think you have a product/service which appeals to the ultimate frisbee demographics), please fill out the form below:

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