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8 Secrets To Longer Forehands in Ultimate Frisbee

Check out the first tutorial video from Canadian ultimate player Ryan Lowe, as he goes through his 8 steps to throwing a longer forehand. The production quality is incredible, his explanations are spot on, and very easy to follow. I would definitely recommend checking out the video below and I look forward to seeing what …

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The Best Way to Throw a Hammer

This article was inspired by a series of questions from Erin Faylona, an ultimate player living in the Philippines, who is currently taking her masters in human movement science. She is working on a paper (for Biomechanics) and has decided to dissect the hammer throw. Below you’ll find my response to her questions.

Eye-Hand Coordination Drills

Improving your eye-hand coordination will help you with throwing, catching and marking. Here are 2 drills which can help improve your eye-hand coordination. You can buy the Whiz Ring here: The shirt I’m wearing is from my official SAVAGE store at

Throwing Techniques for Ultimate: A Study

Abstract The goal of this study was to determine if certain throwing techniques for the sport of Ultimate Frisbee were advantageous relative to other techniques. The defense can attempt to force a thrower to utilize a specific throw; knowing the advantages of different throws can influence a defender’s decision to force the thrower to use a certain throw. …

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