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Mandy Wintink

My heart inspires me to write about human nature (mind, body, spirit) as I come to know it, often using my own experience as a segue. I draw upon the knowledge I have gathered throughout my journey into Psychology, Neuroscience, Meditation, Yoga, Intuition, Passion…The journey continues to enlighten me.

Finding My Mojo

There’s something magical and truly indescribable about playing competitive team sports. If you’re reading this, you’ve likely had the experience yourself and have possibly struggled to describe it to people in the “real world.” While driving back to Toronto from… Read More »Finding My Mojo

In Perfect Shape

How often do we head to a competition in perfect shape? Cardio is up, no injuries whatsover, well rested in terms of sleep and muscles, mentally fit as we can be, and no leftover twinge in that sprained ankle, pulled… Read More »In Perfect Shape