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Learning to Throw From Others

Over the years, there have been numerous instructional videos produced – some good and some bad. On Facebook a few days ago, I shared a post that said “just because you are a good player does not mean you can teach“. I was referring to a few people because I think there is a real issue and a real concern with people who teach others to throw the wrong way. Learning to throw the wrong way is inefficient and can cause injuries if that player practices a lot throwing the wrong way.

I talk about how you can become a better player – by learning to throw all different weights and types of discs – golf discs, ultimate discs and dog discs. You are limiting your throwing potential if you only throw ultimate discs. Some of the best people to teach you how to throw are disc golfers since they understand the physics of flight much better than an ultimate player. To learn how to throw from someone who only throws ultimate discs will hold you back since they don’t have the ability to teach you everything that you need to know to be a good thrower.

There are some great coaches out there – and you probably haven’t heard from them, since they spend their time coaching rather than producing content for online. I don’t have time to coach since I produce content for online instead and to be as effective as possible I try to draw from coaches I respect and who have proven success. I also try to promote coaches who are great at what they do – people like Ben Wiggins.

In order to learn how to throw, it’s important to understand the physics of flight but it’s also important to watch good throwers throw. Learn from their techniques, try it out for yourself and integrate techniques that you find useful into your own throwing. Don’t let someone tell you how to throw a disc – listen to them tell you the mechanics of throwing a disc instead and work on your own technique which will be specific to nobody but yourself.

Finally, ask questions. Be curious. Get out and practice, practice, practice. Make sure you are practicing deliberately – if you make a good throw, throw the same way again. If you make a bad throw, adjust on the next throw. Learn from your practice. In order to master throwing, you will need to spend between 7,000 to 10,000 hours. Be patient. Be passionate. Be consistent. The results will come.

Since I uploaded my first throwing video almost 4 years ago, I have learned an incredible amount. I admit I don’t know everything. I will admit to what I need to work on and what I have to learn. But from what I have learned, from the players I have learned from, from my 9 World Records and 3 World Championships in flying disc, to the numerous throwing clinics I’ve ran, I know a lot about throwing and I will continue to update my videos, I will continue to update my teaching methods and I will continue to help you play ultimate better and throw better.

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4 thoughts on “Learning to Throw From Others”

  1. Hey Rob, 
    I went to a throwing clinic with Brodie Smith in March 2013. His in-person teaching were a lot closer to your tips than his old videos are. I believe he said that he was wanted to update his videos this summer.

    1. liquidarity That’s good to know. Admittedly I’m not a fan of what he does because it’s all about him. He doesn’t support anyone else and although I’ve shared some of his stuff in the past, when I asked him to share some of my videos on the history of ultimate, he didn’t even respond. And I’ve talked to him on the phone before so he knows who I am. I just think he’s all about himself and I’m not a fan of that.

      1. ultimaterob liquidarity That’s a perfectly valid criticism. He did a great job of giving credit to everyone helping run his clinic, (Mario of RiseUp, Tim Morrill, Elliot of Skyd, and a couple of other guys I can’t recall). I got the impression that he has started to mature and get a better feel  on the scope of his influence. I do hope that you two are able to collaborate in the future.

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