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Melissa Witmer

Melissa wants to give back a little bit of what ultimate has given to her. She would like to enable all those students/coaches out there who are working hard for their teammates. She hopes that you find her reflections and resources to be useful. Building a team or taking one to the next level requires an insane amount of effort and although the resources here cannot fix that problem, we hope to give you confidence in doing the work and that your work may be made more effective. Good luck!

Low Release Throwing Drill

Excellent throwing drill for intermediate and advanced throwers. Visit to learn more about the team and its players. You can get these awesome reversible practice pinnies (modeled here by Opi and Allison) for your team at!

Throwing Practice Evolution

What follows are my thoughts on phases a player might go through as they engage in deliberate throwing practice.

These are offered so that you know what to expect and can avoid becoming stagnant.