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Articles on drills

Training Hex offence with your team


Hex is a new offence which most of your team will not have seen or played before – introducing it can be both fun and exciting, but will certainly come with its challenges. I’ve had experience introducing the offence to a variety of teams and players, from primary schools through University level teams to GB, and along the way have learned plenty about how to make the introduction as enjoyable and productive as possible. I hope to share what I’ve learnt with you in this article.Read More »Training Hex offence with your team

Eye-Hand Coordination Drills

Improving your eye-hand coordination will help you with throwing, catching and marking. Here are 2 drills which can help improve your eye-hand coordination. You can buy the Whiz Ring here: The shirt I’m wearing is from my official SAVAGE… Read More »Eye-Hand Coordination Drills

Low Release Throwing Drill

Excellent throwing drill for intermediate and advanced throwers. Visit to learn more about the team and its players. You can get these awesome reversible practice pinnies (modeled here by Opi and Allison) for your team at!

Marking Drill

Marking drill that requires markers to change angle of mark and positioning, as well as approach to the thrower and requires many repetitions. Presented by Doug Huseby.