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Bring Your Disc #zipstips

Carry around a frisbee while you walk from class to class or while sitting and watching TV and just mess around with it.

One might say, “well spinning a disc on your finger or flipping it and catching it with one hand don’t actually ever come up in ultimate.” To this I respond: soccer players who can juggle the ball well are always very good at trapping and the harlem globetrotters are still nasty ballers. You will be better if you are very comfortable with a disc in your hands.

Ultimate Rob’s Notes: This is such a great tip. The more comfortable we get at holding, throwing, flipping, spinning, catching a disc, the better we’ll be on the field with the small movements, especially in tight game situations where we get nervous or throws start to become a bit forced. This article by Hall of Famer Ken Westerfield elaborates more on this point and talks about the value of learning freestyle frisbee, among other skills with a frisbee.

Zip’s Tips are a collection of wisdom by Josh Ziperstein, an ultimate player for the Brown University Men’s Team Brownian Motion, who was the Callahan winner in 2005. Josh is best known for this incredible catch:

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