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Common Throws in Ultimate Frisbee

Whether you’re new to the sport or you’ve been playing a long time, there are some throws which are crucial to being a good handler. Some of these throws you will use far less often than the standard forehand and backhand but it’s good to know how to throw all of these throws.

They are, in order:

– Backhand
– Airbounce Backhand
– Forehand
– Scoober
– Hammer
– Thumber
– Push Pass
– High Release Backhand
– High Release Forehand
– Backhand Huck
– Forehand Huck
– Pull

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9 thoughts on “Common Throws in Ultimate Frisbee”

  1. Hey Rob,
    I’m curious about the order – in my experience the opportunities (and requirements) for a handler to use a backhand/forehand huck are far more frequent than say a scoober or a thumber.  Perhaps I am misunderstanding what “order” these are actually in? (Maybe it is just the order they are in the video?).

    Meanwhile, that’s a monster of a push-pass you have there…!

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