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Ultimate Frisbee Throwing Outside – Part 2

My buddy Tyler and I went throwing outside and I set up the video camera to capture our throws. Getting out and throwing with someone is a great way to work on your throws but make sure to focus on having good form and thinking about where you want your throws to go. Also, learn how the disc moves through the air and practice reading the disc so you’ll be a better receiver/defender in a game.

2 thoughts on “Ultimate Frisbee Throwing Outside – Part 2”

  1. From the looks of it, you let your buddy Tyler do the hard work… He had to throw uphill! 🙂

    I presume the fade-in happened after you guys started throwing a couple minutes earlier? It is best to start with small throws (10 yards or so) and then slowly increasing the distance. This will ensure you keep form throughout the session.

  2. It was all flat ground…no uphill there 😛

    This was at the end of our throwing session. We didn't start hucking until after we had thrown 20-30 yard throws for a while to warm our arms up.

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