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Felix Shardlow

Felix Shardlow has played Ultimate since the year 2000, has coached University teams to multiple successes, and represented Clapham and GB Open in 2011. He currently co-captains Brighton City, coaches the Mohawks and Panthers Uni teams, and runs the website

Training Hex offence with your team


Hex is a new offence which most of your team will not have seen or played before – introducing it can be both fun and exciting, but will certainly come with its challenges. I’ve had experience introducing the offence to a variety of teams and players, from primary schools through University level teams to GB, and along the way have learned plenty about how to make the introduction as enjoyable and productive as possible. I hope to share what I’ve learnt with you in this article.Read More »Training Hex offence with your team

Flexagon Defence

Foreword Flexagon approaches defence from a new angle, bringing together elements of man-to-man and zonal defence. Flex is neither “man” nor “zone” – it’s a hybrid. Pressure is applied to every offensive player, whilst the defenders are constantly working together… Read More »Flexagon Defence