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Clip Cones – Product Review

I’m sure it’s happened to everyone. You’re playing ultimate on a beautiful, windy day and the cones keep blowing over, making it impossible to tell where the sideline and endzones are, so you keep picking them up and putting the cones back in place.

Well, no more.

I was fortunate enough to receive a package last week with it comes an entirely new way to set up a field – whether it’s for ultimate, soccer, football, DDC, or training.

The clip cones are so simple you’ll say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

You can use them like regular cones, or on windy days, you can clip them into the ground to prevent them from blowing away.

Buy them online at DiscStore:

Note: I’ve had a few people ask about the hook from the stakes sticking up out of the ground, so you could use these stakes instead with the Clip Cones:, or if you already have a tent, just borrow those pegs!

Description (from DiscStore)

Unique patent-pending design adds an elastic band to the center of each Clip Cone. Set them down and use them like normal cones, fasten them to the stakes provided, or use longer stakes of your choice for permanent locations. Wind-proof and perfect for end zones and field boundaries.

  • MUST-HAVE ULTIMATE FRISBEE GEAR – Like ultimate gloves or cleats, Clip Cones are an essential new item for the sport of ultimate.
  • EXCELLENT END ZONE PYLONS OR CORNER FLAGS – Built-in elastic bands clip to the stakes provided so these ultimate cones won’t budge on windy days.
  • FULL-FIELD VISIBILITY – No more trouble seeing low-profile disc cones during ultimate tournaments or football practice. ClipCones field cones are 9 inches tall and bright orange for full-field visibility.
  • BEST ULTIMATE FRISBEE CONES FOR OUTDOOR USE – Set them down and use them as typical athletic cones or add the stake to keep them in place for agility drills and windy conditions.
  • SAFE AND BUILT TO LAST – Durable and flexible cones are collapsible for safety and bounce back. Great as boundary markers, corner flags, end zones, soccer goals, football pylons, kids practice, and field markers.

About Clip Cones

At Mountain Shadows park on the west side of Colorado Springs, you’ll find a group of hooligans playing ultimate frisbee at noon every Monday and Thursday. For years we’ve chased cones around in the wind, laid them sideways and held them down with rocks or sticks or even snowballs in the wintertime to keep them in place. As they say, necessity leads to invention. By the summer of 2018, supplies were purchased, a patent was filed, and Clip Cones was born.

2 thoughts on “Clip Cones – Product Review”

  1. What about the hook sticking up? I’ve considered buying these, however, it looks like a hazard if someone lays out on the cone. Is this the case?

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