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Throwing Drills To Do On Your Own

For me, I approach throwing practice for ultimate much like practicing hitting balls/putting for golf. You want to focus on repetition, different throws (forehand, backhand, hammer, scoober, etc), different lengths (short, medium, long, hucks and pulls) and different situations (like inside out/outside in).

A few drills I love doing are:

  1. Go to a field that has a soccer net. Bring several discs with you (I usually take 6-8) and some cones or something to use as a marker. Set up the cones in a line about 5 yards apart and you can place them either across the front of the net or facing the net leading away from it. Start at the cone closest to the net and throw all of the discs into the net using one throw. When you make all of them, you can move onto the next cone. I find this is an amazing drill for developing consistency of your form, improving the spin on the disc, increasing your speed of release and improving your accuracy. Try to pretend that you have someone marking you to improve your handling skills.
  2. Another great drill works on improving the speed of your release. Stand 5-10 yards away from the soccer net and put the discs in a pile. What you want to focus on is to throw the discs as fast as possible in the net so you want to step out and throw, reach for another disc, throw that, and so on until you’ve thrown all the discs. Have the discs on the opposite side of your body where you step to throw so you have to stand up each time. This has the added benefit of working on the muscles you use when throwing in your legs.
  3. A third drill that is great for working on your distance, power and accuracy is to pull. Practice pulling over and over. Take your pile of discs and try to have each throw be the same so by the time you throw the discs in the stack you should have a consistent pull; if not then by doing it over and over you will develop a consistent throw. I find this great for developing the muscles which you depend on for throwing as well so your throws will become longer the more you do this drill.
  4. Corner ‘kicks’. Much like in soccer, stand in the corner and practice curving the disc into the net – this will help you develop the edges on your throws, the distance and the accuracy. By learning how much edge you need to put on your throws in order to have them curve into the net, this will help all of your throws overall.

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