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Timing Horizontal Cuts – Drill of the Week

The drill of the week from Playspedia is all about Timing Horizontal Cuts. I find this drill especially useful since running the horizontal correctly is all about cutting to space and this drill will help your players understand where the space exists and how to move there.

  1. Set up in 3 lines.
  2. 4 sets up for an In-Cut. 2 and 5 watch and prepare to set up their cuts.
  3. As 4 cuts in, 2 starts to set up for an In-Cut, 5 can slowly set up but mostly watches.
  4. Pass goes up to 4, 2 gets fully set up for a continuation cut In, 5 shifts downfield, ready to make a continuation cut for 2.
  5. 2 now cuts In, 4 passes to 2. 5 prepares for a deep strike cut out.
  6. 5 reads off of 2 and either cuts deep, or cuts deep and then back In. 2 passes to 5. ** It’s up to these two players to read off one another to decide whether it will be a huck deep or an cut under. **
  7. To reset the drill, 1 goes to the first cutting line, 4 goes to the second cutting line, 2 goes to the third, and 5 runs the disc down the sideline, and eventually returns to join the throwers.

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