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Hustle Drill – Drill of the Week

The drill of the week is called the Hustle Drill and comes from Playspedia. This is a great drill to work on cutting, catching while tired, running through the disc and throwing while tired.

  1. This is an enlarged display of the drill’s setup. Cones = Red 1-7 and Blue 6-7. The thrower is Blue 1 and the cutter is Blue 2. NOTE: the drill IS NOT run full field. For an average run, I would recommend that cones Red 1-3 be about 5-7 yards apart. This drill can be compacted or expanded depending on the workout you’re looking for.
  2. The cutter starts next to the disc and runs to the first center cone.
  3. He/She turns and cuts to either of the side cones 4 or 5. As they cut, the thrower puts the disc out into that space so that the runner must react to its placement and move to it.
  4. #2 then RUNS the disc back to the thrower and repeats the process on the other front cone.
  5. The same process is continued for the following two sets (Red 2:6-7) (Red 3: Blue 6-7). The Cutter MUST run each disc back to the thrower.
  6. When sprinted all the way through, this drill can get very tiring, and is a great way to work some simple skills and concepts (catching, throwing to space, etc) while getting a good workout.

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