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Capitals Ultimate 2013 Season Outline

We’ve been working with USA Ultimate on the new Triple Crown Tour (TCT), as well as Caps from the 2012 fall season to put together an exciting 2013 strategy and schedule.  This is a little different than years in the past but was built to take into consideration a lot of factors with a focus on 2 key objectives:

  1. Ensure a strong Capitals team will participate in the 2013 TCT, keeping the spot we fought hard to earn last fall!
  2. Ensure the opportunity for players to participate on Caps and on their respective club teams.

So without further ado, here’s the 2013 strategy and plan.

Capitals 2013 Team Strategy

  1. We want to make the most competitive team possible to compete in the USAU TCT.
  2. Capitals schedule was made to attract the best women not only from Ontario but any location in Canada/USA.
  3. Unfortunately, no one from Ottawa on the Caps 2012 team is committed to playing Capitals in 2013. We are therefore currently focusing the team events (tryouts & practice weekends) to be in the GTA to allow for Waterloo, Kitchener, Toronto players. If there are a large amount of Ottawa/Montreal players selected, this may change 1-2 training weekend locations. Toronto is also a cheap location for flights for any out of town players (Martha, Hoods, Rooks, etc.)
  4. We are looking to have an easier workload with practices and tournaments, as per 2012 player’s desires.
  5. There will be no practices during the week. Players are expected to maintain their fitness and ideally play some league.
  6. We feel that the team should have three captains. Currently, Carla and Malissa will continue to lead; however, Anne is focusing on World Games and will not be leading. We feel that additional captains should be decided by the team once it is made.
  7. Expectation is that players attend:
    1. Minimum of four (4) practice weekends
    2. All USAU tournaments (2 tournaments + Regionals & Nationals)
  8. Approximate roster size is 21. We want to give our team lots of play time due to the cost of playing this season. Ideally the team is consistent from summer to fall; however, if spots open up for the fall we will take more players to replace them. If Anne, Danielle, Darcy want to play in the fall after representing our country, they would obviously have a spot on the roster (making the fall roster a max of 24).
  9. If there are players who can only commit to fall or summer we may be able to plan for these exceptions.  We would need to know this or any other conflicts when selecting the team in April.

Capitals 2013 Selection Committee

We will be putting together a selection committee to pick the Caps 2013 roster.  We will have representation from the major cities/teams to help select Capitals 2013 as we will only have one weekend of tryouts on top of the application process.

  1. Carla – Caps captain
  2. Darcy – PPF captain
  3. K-Poh – Stella captain
  4. Malissa – Caps captain

Capitals 2013 Schedule

Applications are due by March 31, 2013. Invites to tryouts emailed to players by April 7, 2013.


*Team selected by May 1. This will enable Lotus, Stella, PPF, etc to have a tryout weekend of May 4-5th. Note – this is also date of USAU College Regionals + University Exams


  • We avoided club tournaments such as Jazz Fest, Boston Invite, No Borders, etc. to allow players the potential to play on Capitals and another club team.
  • Capitals will not be attending Canadian Nationals.
  • Generally two weekends per month.
  • 6 practice weekends
  • 5 required tournaments

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