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Elaine Huba – Master Trainer

Elaine Huba, Ultimate Rob’s newest contributor, brings knowledge and experience which will benefit the ultimate frisbee community and help players learn the functional movements which are crucial to improving their performance on the field and preventing injuries suffered from muscle imbalances.

Elaine’s passion for strength development began with her experience in the Olympic Oval where she gained sport-specific training theory under the direction of Olympic level strength and conditioning coaches. In conjunction with current research at the University of Calgary’s Human Performance Lab, Elaine successfully adapts training protocols and techniques designed for athletes into her own, as well as her clients’, training programs, regardless of fitness level.

Elaine is a national level athlete who strongly believes that structuring goals with the right FitnessTrainer to focus on building strength, will not only develop a deep empowerment that translates into all areas of life, but will also result in other fitness goals such as body composition changes. Elaine has enjoyed working with a wide spectrum of clients including elite athletes as well as doctor-referred patients with chronic illnesses. Her training programs, centered on core lifts, multi-joint exercises and Powerlifting training, are tailored to her clients’ lifestyle goals or sport specific requisites. Exercise techniques are structured to adapt to current fitness levels and to ensure safe, efficient and effective progression towards goal attainment.

Elaine and I have planned a series of 6 topics to start with and future videos will be based on feedback from my fans, discussions Elaine and I have and what we feel is important information for the ultimate community. As I post the video series, I will update the list below with links to the pages. Each topic will include a topic introduction and multiple videos demonstrating the exercises which Elaine feels are important to support the theme of each topic.

  1. Grip & Wrist Strength
  2. Shoulder Mobility & Strength
  3. Wrist Snap & Flexibility
  4. Ankle Stabilization
  5. Lateral Movement
  6. Glute Strength & Activation

If you have questions related to your workouts, proper technique or anything related to fitness, leave a comment below which I will pass on to Elaine.

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  1. phongle Great question, not sure if I ever will and so I might remove them. Elaine doesn’t work at the gym anymore but I still have access so I’ll see if she’s interested in finishing them 🙂

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