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Improve Your Faking and Marking With the 3 Man Drill

One of the best drills I’ve done is called the 3 Man Drill. Basically, it involves one throw, one marker, one catcher and one disc. The flow of the drills works as follows: mark, throw, go. As you’ll see in the video below, it’s all about the thrower trying to fake out the marker, and the marker trying to prevent the thrower from getting a clean throw off.

In my experience with this drill, I find that it’s much tougher in the drill to get a throw off than it is in a real game – which is good. I find that because you’re so focused on the thrower in this drill and you don’t have to worry about what is happening behind you on the field, you have the ability to really stop the thrower from getting a good throw off.

I would recommend doing this drill for a few minutes and then switch up the order of rotation so you get to mark/throw against someone else. If you do this drill intensely, it can actually be a pretty good workout for your legs and your cardio.

You can modify this drill as well, and you can do it with 4 people and then you would simply have 3 people in a triangle and run it the same as with 3 – mark, throw, go. Also, you can add restrictions for the thrower like no upside down throws, no throws that have too much curve on them, and instead of having a stall count of 10, you can reduce it to 5 so the thrower has to practice getting of the disc more quickly.

This is a great drill for getting warmed up before a game or a practice as well. Enjoy!

Stacked (the DVD) was an ultimate frisbee dvd released in 2003 by Bodhisattva Films. The highlight reel featured 3 members of Furious George in the 3 man marking/throwing drill. Enjoy!

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