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Free Throw Analysis – Send Me Your Throwing Videos!

I’ve been working on an idea for the past little while since I’ve had a lot of requests from fans via email to help with their throws.

As much as they try to describe what their problem is, I truly believe that if someone knew exactly what was wrong, then they could fix it.

So what I’m offering is a free throwing analysis. Send me a video of you throwing including a description of what you’d like to work on to and I’ll send you back my thoughts and suggestions on what you can improve.

You can either send me a link to a Youtube video or use a service like to send me the video.

Looking forward to helping you Play Ultimate Better!

~ Ultimate Rob

7 thoughts on “Free Throw Analysis – Send Me Your Throwing Videos!”

  1. Rob, that is seriously an awesome idea. I'll send you on this weekend. I've been playing for five years and can't get bigger than a 40 yard flick…

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