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Strength of the Pack

‘Strength of the Pack’ is the telling of the story of 24 ultimate frisbee players of different genders, speaking seven different languages, and hailing from different backgrounds uniting to do something amazing. This debut documentary by filmmaker Varsha Yeshwant Kumar is available at no charge below or by visiting One All Media.

In the Strength of the Pack documentary, Varsha shares the powerful story of the Under-23 Indian Ultimate Frisbee team’s journey to the 2015 World Championship. Varsha said “It took me six years to realise I wanted to tell a story about Ultimate Frisbee. Once I started playing Frisbee, I couldn’t think of anything else”. The 2015 Under-23 team is the first fully sponsored national ultimate frisbee team that was selected through UPAI’s nation-wide merit-only selection process to represent India in a world championship.

The name of the documentary comes from a poem: “As a coach of the Indian team I saw my role as one of inspiring confidence in young people – to help them to realise their potential. I love the poem the Law of the Jungle. The few lines of the poem I shared with the team were ‘the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack’. To me that’s about understanding and being confident in yourself as well as sharing that confidence with your teammates – because it’s contagious! A little bit of self confidence can go a long way” explains Coach Dan Rule.

This Strength of the Pack exclusive International Womens’ Day premiere is also the launch event for a two-day virtual India Student Hub Indian women-in-sports extravaganza Fempowered Films Festival. Fempowered Films Festival 2021 Determination & Grit Indian Women in Sports celebrates women by amplifying the good and collectively striving to strengthen the sports ecosystem for women and girls in India.

The Festival includes:

  • High energy 20-minute fitness workouts
  • Women leading Women in Community Sports Roundtable
  • Exclusive sign-ups for a virtual “Lets Talk Run” workshop
  • Spotlighting world-class athletes and Fit India/Khelo India
  • Crowning winners for sports documentary contest
  • A networking session to ask questions & share your experiences on careers via sports, cross-border experiences in sport, and more.

Fempowered Films is a free event on 19 & 20 March 2021. See more at

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