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Commentary Workshop for Female Commentators at UKU Nationals

The workshop is being run by Tom Styles, one of the most experienced and recognisable voices in ultimate broadcasting. With over 15 years of experience behind the microphone Tom has a unique perspective on how to commentate on the sport of Ultimate.

The day will include contributions from AUDL and ESPN commentator, Megan Tormey, and professional journalist, WFDF board member, and presenter of the Ulti Show Caz Malone. Megan and Caz will both be joining via video link.

The Ultimate Commentary workshop is aimed at all female Ultimate players who have a passion for the sport and an enthusiasm to talk about it in an engaging way. If you have an amazing game brain and love to analyse tactics and strategies, or an ability with your voice, language or communication then this may well be the most interesting and fun afternoon of your Ultimate life.

The workshop costs £10. To register your interest please email, including your name and contact details as well as any commentary experience you may have. There will be plenty of opportunity to practice over the nationals weekend.

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