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Spirit of the Game Movie

Spirit of the Game follows one woman’s journey from the win-at-all-costs world of soccer into the “Play-fair-win-fair-play-with spirit” ethic of ultimate frisbee. This is the fictional part of an otherwise documentary film centered around Boston’s Lady Godiva, a women’s ultimate club team that has earned its place as one of the great teams in the history of this young, fast growing, referee-less sport.

The movie was produced and directed by Willie Herndon ( and features New York actress Bronwyn Ryan in the role of Bronwyn, the soccer player whose mainstream competitive ethics conflict deeply with the world of ultimate frisbee and its practice of fair play.

The movie includes exciting footage from the World Championships held in Jonkoping, Sweden in 1998, as well as one of the only on-camera interviews with Joel Silver, the Hollywood megaproducer who brought ultimate frisbee to the world as a high school student in 1968, and Dan ‘Stork’ Roddick, who wrote the phrase “spirit of the game” into the rules of Ultimate.

DVD available for sale – contact Willie Herndon at

Credit: State Historical Society of Missouri / Midwest Disc Sports Collection (accession 5828)

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