Lane Cutting Drill – Drill of the Week

The drill of the week is called the Lane Cutting Drill and comes from Playspedia. This is a great drill to work on cutting, recognizing open space and defending a cut.

Along with this week’s Drill of the Week from Playspedia comes a huge feature update. You can now add a video to a play you have created. What I like about this new addition is that along with reading the description of the drill/play and the illustration, you can also provide a video that you or someone else has created to further explain/teach the drill/play that you’ve created. This will only help to improve the benefit of Playspedia and the ability for players to learn. I’m so excited to start using this and I have quite a few videos planned which I will be adding to many of the plays that have already been created on Playspedia.

  1. Two players setup on the first cone. The Lines indicate how much lane the O players has to work with. The smaller the lane, the more difficult the drill for the O player.
  2. O Player makes a fake cut into the D player to create some space.
  3. O Players cuts towards the middle cone while D Player maintains positioning.
  4. O Player makes a break towards the next cone while D Player pursues attempting to ‘tag’ O Player.
  5. Repeat (setup for reverse direction)
  6. (repeat of step 2)
  7. (repeat of step 3)
  8. This time, instead of continuing to cut through, the O Player cuts back towards the starting cone.

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