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Frozen Squirrel – Play of the Week

This week’s play of the week from Playspedia is called the Frozen Squirrel. I like it for the name and for it’s ability to score on a zone. The best takeaway from this play is to realize in order to get a good deep huck on a zone, you first need your deeps to come under. Nothing will stifle a zone offence and take away the huck threat more than players hanging out deep.

The play breaks down as follows:

  1. Middle handler throws to open side handler
  2. Break side handler (1) sprints to opposite sideline to catch throw
  3. Middle handler (2) runs to break side sideline and is thrown to by (1)
  4. 7 clears deep while 5 and six make cuts; 5 going in 6 going out
  5. 6 and 7 cut back in and 5 cuts deep then handler throws OI huck to 5

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