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Friction Gloves Review

I’ve been wearing Friction Gloves for a few months and in addition to being a fan of them, I also set 3 World Flying Disc Federation World Records for Self Caught Flight on ice, Maximum Time Aloft on ice and Throw Run (Skate) Catch on ice during the Silver Skate Festival in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada on February 23-24, 2013.


To summarize my review in a word, I would call Friction Gloves HONEST.

Now, onto the review:

Friction Gloves don’t pretend they’re something they’re not, unlike that random creepy friend who has lots of tattoos and spiked hair but still listens to Miley Cyrus. Unlike your creepy friend, Friction Gloves fit just right and they deliver exactly on what they promise to – getting better grip in less than ideal situations.

The gloves are not thick or insulated, which would make them warmer, but that’s what I like about them. Thick gloves compromise on grip, catching and overall touch (which affects grip and catching).There are many reviews online for gloves but I think they all miss the main point. Why would I choose to wear gloves rather than just go barehanded? If your hands are cold, blow on them, stick them inside your shirt or wear thick ski gloves on the sideline to warm them up. The type of gloves you want when it’s cold or wet out is a glove that will fit like, well, like a glove, give you better grip when both your hands and the disc are cold and improve your catching by offering enough of  a layer between your hands and the disc while at the same time not lessening your feeling that much.

I also like that they have a velcro strap on the wrist. I find this makes it easier to get the gloves on and off and lets you adjust how tight they fit. Plus, if you have a nervous habit like biting your nails, you can instead play with the velcro strap enclosure. Sounds weird? You know you love the sound of velcro attaching and detaching!

For me, Friction Gloves did exactly what their name alludes to – Friction meaning to create resistance – which is what you want when it’s cold or wet out. They’re not called Friction Warm Gloves so if you buy these expecting to warm your hands up, you will be disappointed. But, as I said earlier, that’s not what they are for.

Oh and the dude who runs Friction Gloves is nicknamed Hanky. How cool is that?

I don’t like giving ratings out of 10 so I’ll give Friction Gloves a rating of 743. If it sounds high, that’s because it is. These gloves are good.

Pick up a pair of Friction Gloves off their website –

6 thoughts on “Friction Gloves Review”

  1. I have a pair of these gloves and pretty much completely agree on their effectiveness, but I can’t wear them consistently because I think the grip actually affects how quickly I move the disc in my hand from backhand to forehand position while I pivot (without gloves it’s a pretty seamless transition that I practiced a lot in my rookie season; with them the disc gets caught on the ridges of the palm/fingers). 
    Is this just a matter of practicing a different method of switching hand positions? I’m a shorter guy so a lot of my mark-breaking ability depends on being able to pivot quicker than my mark can shuffle, which requires that I’m able to get from a backhand to a flick as fast as possible. Otherwise I’d really like to wear the gloves in-game for their grip benefits.

  2. Leithbm Have you tried only wearing a glove on your non throwing hand? It’s tough to learn a new style of switching hands because there really aren’t that many ways to do it. I know exactly what you’re talking about because it’s the grip of the gloves that makes them catch. You could try and loosen your fingers a bit as you try to switch your grip but you might still have issues. If you really felt brave, maybe you could cut part of the fingers of the glove off to prevent the gloves from catching on the disc while still allowing you to have good grip when catching?

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