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Ultimate Project #8

This video was split into two pieces because it ran over the 15 minute YouTube time limit. There are several examples of not quite so good play by the deep deep in the zone D. The video looks at the various plays and ways the deep deep’s play could be improved.

5 thoughts on “Ultimate Project #8”

  1. @ultimaterob Well the deep deep stuff was great, but probably in part because that’s something I’m trying to work on right now.

    I’m a rec-level player, so I don’t generally have access to high-level coaching – I’ve got to go and find what I can from places like this. So the in-depth videos are really helpful.

  2. @EvanMurdock Cool, thanks for the feedback. I’ll be posting more of his stuff in the coming weeks/months. He does a great job breaking it down (he used to coach Brute Squad so he knows what he’s talking about)

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