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Michael Lawler

Michael Lawler (former Brute Squad/Riot coach) has created a series of videos analyzing footage from the past couple of years and utilizing them as teaching moments. They are a fantastic resource for new players and coaches.

Ultimate Project #14

Michael Lawler takes us in detail through 3 clips showing what a vertical stack offense looks like and how to execute properly. He takes us through each clip, explaining what either went right or went wrong, focusing mainly on the… Read More »Ultimate Project #14

Ultimate Project #13

Michael Lawler takes us in detail through 2 poor endzone points in the Brute Squad vs Scandal game, Boston Invite 2011. Before watching this video, you should check out Ultimate Project #5 first – which shows 4 good endzone points.… Read More »Ultimate Project #13

Ultimate Project #12

Michael looks at 3 plays from the Brute Squad vs Scandal game at the 2011 Boston Invite. He looks at what went right and what went wrong in the two plays and offers some suggestions for improvement.  

Ultimate Project #11

Similar to Ultimate Project #2, Michael Lawler (former Brute Squad coach) analyzes footage from the Brute / Riot game at 2010 Worlds. This video looks at the 10 seconds leading up to the throws and tries to determine of the throw… Read More »Ultimate Project #11

Ultimate Project #10

In this video, Michael breaks down 2 plays from the Florida vs Wisconsin game footage that Everything Ultimate posted on their Youtube channel.

Ultimate Project #9

This video looks at some nice play by the deep O players in zone O. Some of my favorite plays from the last couple of seasons.

Ultimate Project #6

One detailed example of and endzone point where Brute Squad struggles. This video goes through the point in detail and tries to come up with some things we could have done better.