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Ultimate Quick Tips Reference Checklist

I’ve done a lot of reading of other blogs, books, and I’ve talked to a lot of people for many hours about ultimate. In all of that time, I’ve come up with a bit of a quick reference checklist that I think will help any level of player, captain and team before going into a practice, game, and especially a tournament.

Let me know what you think of my list of tips. What ones should I add?

  1. Shake the confidence of the other team by scoring on hucks
  2. On defense, stop the early hucks – don’t play too deep but shut down the thrower on the huck and the deep strikes
  3. When you catch a huck, instead of rushing your throw, think about turning and dumping
  4. If you’re poached, either strike deep or cut to the handler and get the disc
  5. Turn and dump at stall 6 – make eye contact with the handler and throw the disc to space
  6. When you’re near the endzone, don’t rush to score – be patient and make smart choices
  7. Play smart D – pick your battles wisely. On an in cut or a huck, run your ass off and go for the disc
  8. Make sure that your fakes/cuts are viable – really sell it because otherwise you’ll get blocked/stopped
  9. Everyone needs to sprint down on the pull (I can’t tell you how many times I’ll pull and be the first guy down – no more…everyone has to get down there!)
  10. On zone O, get out of the mentality of dumping and swinging. Have the handlers move the disc upfield, break the zone and get it to your mids
  11. Cut (and conversely, throw) to the break side
  12. On zone D, when your cup gets broken, run past where you think the disc is going – try to contain the disc
  13. Also on zone D, you don’t have to run to a man – just be close enough that make the handler think twice about making the throw
  14. When you feel that things are falling apart, call a timeout to regroup. Don’t talk about everything you’re doing wrong. Just take a deep breath, realize that you can play ultimate, and go back out there and throw and catch
  15. Instead of saying “don’t drop” think “just catch”
  16. Always be aware of where the disc is – take snapshots of the field as you’re moving around
  17. When it’s windy, the best thing you can do when throwing is to get a ton of spin on the disc
  18. Support your team – stand on the sidelines and cheer for them – you want the same when you’re on the field
  19. Watch some sweet ultimate videos before you play a tournament to get pumped up. I created a Youtube playlist with a ton of vids (
  20. Have fun – after all no matter how much you spent or how far you traveled, it’s just a game. Play hard, learn as much as you can and have fun with your team

7 thoughts on “Ultimate Quick Tips Reference Checklist”

  1. This is awesome. I’ve only played a few real games of Ultimate Frisbee while in college, but I love the game. This blog was an awesome find, thanks for sharing your thoughts and tips!

  2. Hey Rob,

    Like the site. I must say I have to “contest” (HA!) #10. The worst thing that can happen to a Zone O, IMO, is having the disc be stationary for repeated periods of time. When a cup is set, they aren’t running. When they aren’t running, they aren’t getting tired. When they aren’t getting tired, they aren’t having too much difficulty taking away all your upfield throws (except high-risk over-the-top of course). You have to dump and swing IN ORDER TO “…break the zone and get it to your mids.”

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Hey buddy,

      I know what you’re saying but by dumping and swinging, you are at greater risk of turning over since you will be throwing way more passes. If you have strong handlers then it’s much better to break the cup early and move it up the field. Not only will this put the zone on their heels and make them scatter but it will also render their zone ineffective and they won’t want to run it again. By dumping and swinging, the zone wants you to do that. They have you contained. So to break the zone, you have to take the chances that they don’t want you to take. Throw a break force throw to their vulnerable side. Have your mids crash the cup. Have handlers give-go through the cup to get the disc into the midfield which will open up the whole field and will lead to an easy score. I’ve found this to be by far the most effective way of playing zone and really it just takes a switch in mentality – instead of playing cautious and constantly dumping the disc and losing yards, play aggressively and move the disc up the field. To each their own of course but waiting for the cup to tire is a bad way to play an Offense I think.

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