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Improving Forehand and Hammer Throws

I ran a throwing clinic during one of our byes at an indoor tournament in Saskatoon. Two of the main questions I had from people were about getting more spin on forehands and throwing a better hammer.

2 thoughts on “Improving Forehand and Hammer Throws”

  1. When you use the forehand grip as described in this video, an important point is that the rotating point of the disc is at the top of your ring finger. Your index finger presses against your ring finger, which provides more power.

  2. Jesse,

    That's too detailed and not totally true for every person when they're throwing. A large part of the grip depends on the size of the person's hands/fingers so to say that the disc is at the top of the ring finger totally depends on that. Some people don't have their fingers press against each other when they throw and instead have both pressing against the disc…

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