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Tournament Bracket Generator – Challonge

I first heard about Challonge last week during an indoor disc golf putting league. The organizer was using Challonge to run a 5 round tournament with a total of 9 teams of 2 players. I decided to check it out as I’ve run tournaments before and wanted to see what it was all about.

I’m sure there are many options so I’d love to hear what other websites/apps you have used and which ones you find work really well. In the ultimate community, the one we are the most familiar with is TopScore or Ultimate Central, which is used for the WFDF World Championships events, and is also used in many other sports.


Free to use. Easy to use. Mobile friendly.


No mobile app.

About Challonge

Challonge debuted in 2009 as a bracket generator. Today, hundreds of thousands of people use Challonge for their tournaments, including arcade and PC/console gaming venues, sports organizations, and countless online gamers.

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