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Help Grow The Sport By Becoming a Patron

Help Grow the Sport!

My life, my passion, my purpose, and my primary goal is to introduce frisbee to as many people (mainly kids) as possible and to challenge them to Get Unplugg’d. My slogan is “Let the Wind Guide You“.

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To date, I’ve spoken in more than 200 schools and taught frisbee to more than 50,000 kids. I have also traveled all over the world and interviewed many hall of fame frisbee players. With your help, I can continue to do more.

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One of the challenges with teaching frisbee in schools is that many schools just don’t have the budget. My full-day speaking rate is considerably less than other professional speakers, and still many can not afford it.

Frisbee is such a healthy, uplifting and powerful message, I believe everyone should have access. Getting kids to decrease their screen time will help them be more empathetic, less anxious, and more active. With your support (as low as $5/month), I can get into those schools that otherwise can not afford it, teaching more kids how to throw, catch, and play frisbee, grow the sport, and get them Unplugg’d.

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