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Seeing the Bigger Picture

Whether or not you are aware of the history of frisbee, the origins of ultimate or the people responsible for the development of the rules, these forces have had a hand in shaping the game. Knowing the origins of ultimate and reflecting often upon your own personal story as it relates to frisbee empowers you to look at your life in a larger historical context and to understand that you are a vital part of an ongoing culture greater than yourself.

Frisbee is a spiritual pursuit and it combines man’s greatest tool, which is his hand, with his greatest dream, which is to fly. Throwing a frisbee and making it fly is the closest we will get to flying on our own.

Check out the video below by John “Friz Whiz” Kirkland, a frisbee hall of famer and the father of Cody Kirkland, one of the players on the AUDL’s San Diego Growlers, as he shares his frisbee story.

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