Uncommon Throws in Ultimate Frisbee

Along with the most common throws in ultimate, we have the ability to throw a bunch of other throws which aren’t very common or never ever used in a game…but they’re throws and learning to throw them is a good way to improve your snap, your field awareness and your overall throwing ability. I would not recommend using these throws in a game, unless absolutely necessary.

The throws are, in order:

  • Behind the Back Backhand
  • Behind the Back Forehand
  • Between the Legs Backhand
  • Around Both Legs Backhand
  • No Look Backhand
  • No Look Forehand
  • Switcheroo
  • The Dipsy Doodle (or The Paintbrush)
  • Leftie Backhand
  • The Dad on the Beach
  • Helicopter
  • Overhand Wrist Flip (or the Chickenwing)
  • Reverse Overhand Wrist Flip (or Blind Overhand Wrist Flip)
  • Upside Down Backhand
  • Sky Hook
  • Helix Thumber
  • Helix Scoober
  • Helix Hammer
  • Peepee
  • Double Peepee
  • Between the Legs Forehand (with a mark)
  • The Houdini
  • The Dinner Plate
  • Spinarama

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