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What I Like Most About Ultimate

In his first post on Ultimate Rob, Stephen Winters shares with us a free flowing poem of sorts, roughly titled “What I Like Most About Ultimate”. He definitely captures the spirit of ultimate in his post. Look for more from Stephen as he will hopefully become a regular contributor!

Throwing a huck; catching a huck; running like mad underneath a frisbee as it spins through the air towards the end zone, throwing a pass for a score; catching a pass for a score; making a step-in-front D; pulling; yelling “ultimate!” as I pull the disc, chasing after the disc in the cup; watching a long throw go up and not knowing what’s going to happen at the end of it; making a one-handed grab; skying a defender, skying a defender and then hearing my teammates tell me that I made a “sick” catch; watching people who are more athletic than me lay out; set plays; the vertical stack, the fact that it was invented by the guy who produced the Matrix; the silent beauty of each and every throw; playing with friends; competing against friends; competing against world-class players, traveling to another city just to play a silly frisbee game; thinking up a creative cheer for the other team at the end of the game; putting on a goofy outfit for a tournament; seeing anybody throw a hammer, running until I’m out of breath; never giving up; faking out my defender and hearing him gasp out loud; getting in my mark’s way and not ceding my ground, scoobers; anytime anybody tries to pull off a “greatest”; going out for food and drinks with my team at the end of the game; introducing new people to the sport, and, of course, the Spirit of the Game.

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