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Frisbee Trick Shots by Brodie Smith

Well shoot. I’ve been wanting to do a frisbee trick shot video for about a year but just never seemed to fit it in amongst my other videos. I gotta give props to Brodie Smith for doing a sweet trick shots video of his own. My favourites are the ones where he throws the disc along a wall. It’s actually really easy to throw the disc but it’s pretty impressive the skill it takes to have the disc drop at the right spot. Check the video out here:

Which of his trick shots was your favourite?

9 thoughts on “Frisbee Trick Shots by Brodie Smith”

  1. ok guys…chard here ( originator of both frizzzbee golf, and ultimate, in 1976, in DELand Florida…and when I brought it to Gainseville in 78…it took off ) The golf was too easy with trashcans, so we only used the ones with tops which had a single side entry…you HAD to bank it in the back side. And our ultimate was played on bikes, on a soccer field…8 man teams, the goalie had to use a unicycle. Now, go forth, and try. It will hone your skills…you are good as shit man…and try this: glue the strikers of match packs on the outer edge, now tape a kitchen strike match to a cigarette, with the tip extending just beyond the end of the cig – now chuck it from your bike and light the cigarette in the other guys mouth. Another fun thing we did, was insert single edge…VERY important to use single edge razor blades…melt ’em thru the edge except a 5″ throw space…now: go & kill some kites! People just do not know what to do! …yeah, a bit dangerous if the kite flyers do not know about it, and try & catch it. And if you see an asshole somewhere, tag it back a bit, and just put a few straight pins thru the edge and say: catch this asshole. He has to be a really big asshole. Have fun kids!

  2. Both games were created on July 4, 1976, on 12 mushrooms a piece, between 10 pm & 8 am…and I had a finance exam make-up that morning! (aced it…if 49 and failing the course is ace’ing it!)

  3. dang! JUst read the history…so much for making history. then again, to anyone who thinks things just get invented in one place at one time, I present: the world. A girl in Nigeria probably invented both golf & ultimate.

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