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ultimate intelligence


In most ultimate games players will spend part of their time on the sideline. Time spent off the playing field allows a player to recuperate, hydrate and tend to any other personal matters as required. That said, it is important… Read More »Sidelined

Call On Me

Here’s a few tips on what to do when an opponent makes a call on you. There’s a bunch of calls that could be made including fouls, travel, disc-width, fast count, pick and numerous others. Ultimate is a sport full… Read More »Call On Me

Pulling Power

As a player you might, at times, think about ways you can improve your contribution to your team. Alternatively you might be looking for a way to differentiate yourself from other players, developing a skill that sets you apart and increases your value to the team. A good option is to consider becoming awesome at the pull.Read More »Pulling Power

Good Mistakes

All ultimate players make mistakes on the field. There’s a huge range of things that you can do wrong, affecting the game, your team and yourself. Drops, throw-aways, not clearing, getting frustrated, forgetting to drink – these are all possible… Read More »Good Mistakes

Catch the D!

This post contains a lesson that will be familiar to many Ultimate players. It is a lesson that I learnt the hard way, on the field in an important game. Hopefully I can help newer players avoid the hard lesson… Read More »Catch the D!