Below are a list of products that I support (either I use/have used them, have heard great things about them, or I’m selling them). Let me know if you have any products I should add to this list.


If you are looking for an ultimate disc, any ultimate disc recognized by USA Ultimate for championship level play is preferred. For a limited time, you can buy a custom stamped Ultimate Rob Discraft Ultrastar:

Ultimate Rob Ultrastar:


VC Ultimate – VC Ultimate does so much for the sport of ultimate. You can order custom team jerseys, WFDF branded jerseys, special edition clothing, discs and much more. If Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wears VC Ultimate when he goes for a run, you know it’s good quality!


Eastbay – I have been buying my cleats from EastBay for 10 years and primarily buy Nike Speed TD or Vapor Pro. Keep an eye on prices as sometimes they have really good deals on their shoes.


VivoBarefoot – wearing minimilist shoes (or barefoot shoes) are what is best for our feet to strengthen our toes and feet and ankles and will help reduce the impact on our knees and body. I have been wearing these shoes since 2009 years and have been an ambassador since 2012.


For a bag, I have been using (and love) the Greatest ultimate bag, which you can order here:

Greatest bag:


Layout Ultimate – I wore a pair of these gloves when I set a Guinness World Record on ice skates.

Fitness Tracker

Garmin – great tool to track your steps, miles traveled and number of calories. This helps ensure you’re eating enough food for your fitness level and you can make sure you move enough on sedentary days.

Braces (ankle/knee)

The Brace Shop – ankle, knee, shoulder and wrist braces to help protect weakness or prevent more damage.

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  1. Do you recommend any elbow and knee sleeves. I find in the summer I do a lot of diving as my team isn’t a high level group and there are a lot of under/overthrows that require full on diving. My wife is tired of my knees being all chewed up from the grass bleeding all over the sheets.

    So any recommends with purchase locations/internet links?

  2. @dswalkington Great question…I don’t know where to find them from. One thing I would recommend is wearing longer compression shorts from someone like Underarmour. Or if you’re having issues with your knees getting cut up, maybe you’re landing too much on your knees and not enough on your chest? I’m working on getting a layout video done but until I do, you should check out volleyball/baseball videos on Youtube that have players diving…they land on their chest with their body extended so their knees don’t hit the ground until later on.Thanks,


    1. I wear long-sleeve UnderArmor year round to protect my arms, specifically my elbows during dives, as the quality of the grass on our fields can frequently be described as steel wool. I find that UnderArmor’s heat gear keeps me fairly comfortable despite playing in North Carolina during the summer. For legs, I’ve seen a lot of players wearing very tall soccer socks, or UnderArmor heat gear tight

      Breakmark ( is another apparel company that’s fairly new that caters specifically to ultimate. They’re based out of the USA, and frequently make appearances at tournaments in the Northeast USA.

      – Mark Phelps

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  4. Hey guys this is a Ultimate Frisbee startup company we made custom uniforms for Ultimate Frisbee teams. Everything is done online you can upload your logo and we will have it printed in your uniforms for you. You can choose the color of the uniform the font for the number and the name of each player and the style of the uniform. Please check it out and let me know what you guys think.

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