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Pulling the Disc in Ultimate

Why is pulling so important?

You want your team to start on D in the best possible position. This happens when the best puller on the team (NOTE: not the best thrower) pulls. Every pull is huge no matter if it’s to start the game or if you’re pulling on universe point (game tied – next point wins). A bad pull will give the other team an advantage before they even catch the disc so you want to have the best pull every time.

Space Disc – Physically Distanced Ultimate

Space Disc fundamentally removes the riskiest element of ultimate. This article was written by Pepper Williams, the inventor of Space Disc. Here in Portland, Oregon, we have a thriving masters/grandmasters/great-grandmasters ultimate community. We’ve had a pickup game literally every Sunday for the past 10 years or so, where we average as many as 40 players …

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How to Improve Your Pull

I’ve been writing and talking about ways to improve your pull for more than 5 years. In this video, I reference some of the content I’ve already published but I bring forward my most current knowledge on throwing and pulling in order to help you improve your pull.

2012 Year in Review

I’d like to thank you for your support in 2012. I was busy between, competing in frisbee competitions and running throwing clinics. 2012 Highlights 2012 was the best year so far for The top 10 visited posts on my website were: 30 Quick Tips on my 30th Birthday Pull Diagonally and Have …

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Fan Feedback

As the title alludes to, I’m looking for some topic suggestions from my fans/readers. I have quite a few that are in draft stage but if you have some current/urgent questions for me, I can make sure that those will get posted first. Stay tuned as I will be posting a great diagram that will …

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