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Book a Free Session With Me

As a special offer to my email subscribers, social media followers, and website visitors, I’m offering you the opportunity to book me for a free 15 minute session where you can ask me whatever you want:

  1. Questions about throwing?
  2. Want to get better at pulling?
  3. Questions about running a better practice?
  4. Not sure how to run tryouts?
  5. Want to better prepare for tryouts?
  6. Not sure the best way to train?
  7. Questions about getting started in disc golf?
  8. Are you curious about what else is possible with frisbee?
  9. Interested in developing your emotional intelligence?
  10. Want to have me analyze your throwing video?
  11. Want to set a Guinness World Record?
  12. Want to build your own website?
  13. Want to start your own Youtube channel?
  14. Anything else related to frisbee, ultimate, disc golf, MTA, Guinness World Records, professional speaking, emotional intelligence, website design, video editing, etc!

If you’re interested in booking a session, please Contact Me and I’ll share my booking link.

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