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Throwing Analysis – Ryan Lowe Backhand

I was asked by Ryan Lowe to analyze his backhand (pull and huck). Ryan Lowe has been releasing some great content, most recently 8 Tips to Throwing a Longer Forehand.

I haven’t done many of these but I do have a lot of experience and credibility in this space so I’d like to do more.

I’m the 2017 and current WFDF World Distance Champion and Canadian Distance Record holder. Last year, I won both the Virginia State Frisbee Tournament and the US Open Overall Flying Disc Championships Distance events, and also broke the Virginia State Distance Record with a throw of 212 yards. I have been in the WFDF World Distance final every year that I’ve competed since 2011, which is more than any current player since I started competing in distance 8 years ago. I also have the Guinness World Record for the Longest Throw to a Dog which is at 402 feet.

I’ve also also been a competitor in each of the last 4 events where the World Distance Record was broken, which is currently at 1109 feet (338 metres). Rob has competed against, watched, and learned from the best distance throwers of all time including Simon Lizotte, David Wiggins Jr, John Kirkland, Dave Johnson, Chris Max Voigt, Ken Westerfield, and Christian Sandstrom.

Check out my analysis of Ryan Lowe’s backhand and please contact me if you’d like me to analyze your throw!

World Distance Champion Analyzes Ryan Lowe’s Backhand

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