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Why Ultimate Deserves to Have Its Own Video Game

Ultimate Frisbee, the sport that deserves to have its own videogame. The game would award players by scoring goals when a player successfully passes the disc to a teammate in the scoring zone, like the real sport. As it’s such a non-traditional sport to make into a videogame and the majority of the world watch other sports it would give people a chance to get into the game.

Understanding the physical dedication, it takes to become a professional ultimate frisbee player is what people that don’t watch rarely understand. An ultimate frisbee pitch Is around 37 metres wide and 110 metres long – you would have to endure over half an hour of jumping, sprinting and attacking your opponent’s chance of scoring a goal. Having this videogame develop would open up a new span of fans that can take a usual family outing activity to a professional sport.

Furthermore the game of Ultimate Frisbee opens itself up to great game mechanics, like a cross between FIFA and Madden Games, combining two of the most popular sports games on earth to forge an Ultimate Frisbee game would lead to fun gameplay that effectively displays the game.

Getting the younger generation into a physical activity is what society pushing, whether it be for football, rugby or other sports. As ultimate frisbee would be a new, more diverse sport that not many people know about. It would be a great opportunity to seek out a new market with the videogame niche, not only will it bring more of an audience to the sport it would also help getting children and teenagers more active with a new-found sport.

As we’re coming into an age where most videogames can get made with the correct niche and a lot of people willing to have the interest in a specific game genre. With many sites around now where it’s simple to kickstart a videogame project with enough ‘hype’ to make the game worth making. From history of kickstarted videogames like Player Unknowns: Battlegrounds that was kickstarted from a mod on a classic game called ‘ARMA 2’. This had a spike in interest as it was the first of its genre to do it properly, so a well marketed ultimate Frisbee game could bring in an entirely new audience to play..

We rarely hear of rare, niche sports seeing traction for videogame development, like bobsleighing or Roller-soccer. The only recreation of these sports is on Nintendo’s Mario franchise, that has seen the likes of many niche sports. Strangely, one of the niche sports that has had games made about it is horse racing, horse games aren’t as rare as you’d think, there has been hundreds of videogames based on horse racing. If you’re a fan of the Grand National, with the stylish hats to the stunning dress and of course the races – which always come with betting on your favourite horse. Timeform give you the list of runners of the Grand National 2019 – which if you attend the event each year is good to know.

Whether it be indie games going for the newly horse racing and grooming niche – there is always an audience for it. When it comes to promoting a videogame, many new platforms like Twitch and YouTube give you more of a live approach to playing videogames with many watchers being dedicated to watching their favourite streamer. Videogames are becoming cheaper and easier to market as we get more into the future.

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