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Always Be Moving #zipstips

As some of you may know, I am very big fan of acronyms. Today’s; ABM, always be moving, both on D and on O. This serves three purposes.

  1. When you are playing D you should always have an eye on your man, but sometimes it is very helpful to be able to check up-field and see what’s going on. If your man (or you) has his hands on his hips then a good defender (or your defender) will have a chance to check.
  2. For your man to be absolutely beat towards the end of a hell point on the fourth game of the tournament and look up and see you bobbing and jumping is absolutely devastating. you’ve already gotten the D at that point.
  3. The best O cutters are always moving; as soon as a play develops they are ready to react, often quicker than their defender because they were already in motion (why do you think they call false starts in football?)

Ultimate Rob’s Notes: Fitness is a big part of this. If you don’t currently train, check out either Melissa Witmer or Tim Morrill, who have put in an incredible amount of work creating programs for ultimate players.

Zip’s Tips are a collection of wisdom by Josh Ziperstein, an ultimate player for the Brown University Men’s Team Brownian Motion, who was the Callahan winner in 2005. Josh is best known for this incredible catch:

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