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Catch Both Ways #zipstips

When throwing on the green or when warming up make sure to catch “both ways.” Alternate catching with your right hand versus your left hand on top of the pancake. For good throws, this doesn’t make much of a difference, but if an errant throw is to the right of your body, it will be easier to catch left on top, and the same goes for the other side, but switched. The more comfortable you are catching both ways, the more natural it will be for you to catch with the correct orientation. I guarantee your drops will go down if you work on this.

Ultimate Rob’s Notes: For more exercises/information that will help with your catching, check out Kung Fu Throwing, Zen Throwing, and The Basics of Catching.

Zip’s Tips are a collection of wisdom by Josh Ziperstein, an ultimate player for the Brown University Men’s Team Brownian Motion, who was the Callahan winner in 2005. Josh is best known for this incredible catch:

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