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The Interns’ Favourite Articles

During my recent intern contest I ran, I asked the potential interns to submit their favourite articles to me. In the end I chose 4 interns to work with me – Mark, Edward, Sangeetha and Seth. Check out what they each sent me below:

Mark’s Favourite Article

Here’s my favorite article. It’s and article from Sky’d Magazine about what to pack for an Ultimate tournament. I like how this article doesn’t just apply to high-level players or low-level players. The target audience is every single ultimate player everywhere. I’ve been playing for six years and I still refer back to this article every Friday before I leave for a tournament. I like how it just doesn’t say the typical, “Pack your jerseys, cleats, and a water bottle.” But it goes to the next step and suggests you bring the things a team mom would bring. It’s pretty clever and provides a lot of information for newbies for their first tournament, and it works as a checklist for veterans –

Edward’s Favourite Article

I know you said article but I could not decide between the entire Huddle archive(you can think of it as one book) and Zips Tips which if you click Expand All really is a article. Any ways I choose the later because it is such a compact source of information. The tips are extremely useful even though there 11 years old, there the kind of things you can’t search up you have to be like sitting next to that old guy on the team and hope he mentions something useful. I still have both the Huddle and Zips Tips in my favorites bar and am currently reading them for about the third time and I am still learning new things.

Sangeetha’s Favourite Article

In response to your question of favourite article I’m going to pick this one –

SOTG is the coolest factor of ultimate and the one that is close to my heart, this article provided some fresh technical insight into that.

Seth’s Favourite Article

Here is my favorite article:

This is my favorite article because it tells the story of the origins of Ultimate. Though you may not know the name Joel Silver, he has impacted more peoples lives then any of us could ever count. This is a chapter from the book Jewish Jocks, it gives detailed stories about different Jewish people impacted the world of sports, and Ultimate is right in the middle of it. It really shows you something about the sport, if I must say! One of the most successful Hollywood producers created the sport that we all play is slightly mind blowing. Knowing the history of Ultimate is extremely important, especially now, when the sport is growing at a rapid rate.

What is your favourite article?

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