Month: August 2013

Zen Throwing Routine Video

The Zen Throwing Routine, developed by Ben Wiggins, is a combination of a group of exercises that he found to help develop his own balance and versatility in throwing. He was inspired to put this into a cohesive form as a partner-slash-alternative to Lou Burruss’ Kung Fu Throwing, which is a very effective plan with …

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“Just Catch”

How many times have you been in a huddle during halftime and you heard “let’s stop dropping” or “no more drops the rest of the game’? For me, I’ve heard it many times on teams all the way from first time players to some of the best teams in the world. Why does this keep …

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Kung Fu Throwing Video Tutorial

Kung Fu Throwing is a system developed by Lou Burruss and Mike Caldwell in 2005. He wanted to come up with a structured throwing plan to help developing throwers. As the only two Seattle Sockeye players who lived on Capitol Hill at the time, Mike and Lou would meet often to throw. Lou solicited Mike …

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