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Intro to Ultimate Frisbee Video

If you’ve ever had someone ask you what ultimate frisbee is, and I know we all have, show them this video.

Although I do compete in dog disc competitions with Davy Whippet (and we currently hold 2 Guinness World Records together) it’s true that ultimate frisbee is not played with dogs.

But I encourage you to take the opportunity to educate someone when they ask you “is ultimate where you throw to a dog” or “do you play by yourself or with other people”?

Instead of getting annoyed with them, realize that they’re asking because they care. Don’t be annoyed with them – teach them about frisbee. About disc sports. Tell them that there are dog disc competitions, there are self caught flight competitions, there are disc golf competitions but that the sport you play and love, ultimate frisbee, is a combination of football, basketball and rugby but it’s non contact, there are 7 players on the field per team and it combines jumping, throwing, diving, running and catching.

You can either send them this link to the youtube video or download the raw file here, put it on a dvd/flash drive and share it with them that way. It’s up to you!

What makes ultimate different than any other sport is that it’s played with a disc. A disc flies through through the air and doesn’t follow the same rules as a ball. A ball goes up and comes down. A disc flies! Why do you think Stancil Johnson penned this quote:

When a ball dreams, it dreams it’s a frisbee.

Ultimate, along with disc sports, is pretty much the best sport ever.

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