2012 Year in Review

I’d like to thank you for your support in 2012. I was busy between ultimaterob.com, competing in frisbee competitions and running throwing clinics.

Ultimaterob.com 2012 Highlights

2012 was the best year so far for ultimaterob.com.

The top 10 visited posts on my website were:

  1. 30 Quick Tips on my 30th Birthday
  2. Pull Diagonally and Have Better Pulls
  3. Frisbee Skills, Not Fitness, Wins Games
  4. Cold Weather Ultimate – Should I Wear Gloves?
  5. The Evolution of Disc Sports
  6. Ultimate Intelligence – The Good Mistakes
  7. Ultimate Intelligence – Sidelined
  8. Favourite Frisbee Quotes & Random Thoughts
  9. Ultimate Intelligence – Pulling Power
  10. How to Throw a Flatter, More Consistent Flick

I’d like to thank my contributors, who without them, I would not have the variety of content that I do. I’m looking to have more content from contributors in 2013 so look forward to some new content, especially more videos focused on fitness!

I hope you all had a great time welcoming in the new year with your friends and family.

Again, thank you.
Rob McLeod
aka Frisbee Rob
aka Ultimate Rob

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