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RISE UP Season 1 Review

RISE Up Ultimate, a new venture by Elliot Trotter of Skyd Magazine along with Mario O’Brien and Andy Lovseth, is releasing the first episode of their first season today. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek at the video and share with my fans what it’s all about.

If you go to their website,, their mission states that they hope to improve the level of play of Ultimate teams and players through the creation of engaging instructional video resources created by experts.

They’ve enlisted the help of Ben Wiggins, an ex Seattle Sockeye player, who is known worldwide for his knowledge and ability as a coach. He has worked with the Nexgen tour, along with several US teams at World’s and has run clinics in many different countries including the Philippines, Colombia, Moscow and Siberia, Ireland, Japan and the Czech Republic.

I’ve played against Ben before and not only is he a great competitor, but also a great ambassador. He’s known for being very spirited and at the 2012 World Ultimate Club Championships his team, Sockeye, won Spirit in the Open division.

Knowing they have Ben on board as an instructor lends instant credibility to their brand and so I was excited to see what the first episode was all about.

I like that they chose to make the first episode about the Dump Swing since throwing to space, resetting the stall count and handler movement are 3 key elements to ultimate, and a lot of teams don’t work on those enough (a lot of teams don’t know how to work on those).

The video contains a lot of information but still comes in under 15 minutes, which is nice.

I like how they work in the progression of teaching with the Introduction, then a lot of different Drills and finally the Evaluation.

They’ve done some great editing work on the video as well to really illustrate key points and show the spaces that Ben talks about through his teachings.

I would highly recommend subscribing to RISE Up Ultimate, especially if you are a teacher, coach or captain as this will undoubtedly benefit your team, no matter what  your skill level is.


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