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Ultimate Rob Breaks Distance Record

Many of you know me as Ultimate Rob, the guy who writes articles and makes videos teaching you how to play ultimate better. However, for about a year and a half, I’ve also been competing in dog disc, disc golf and overall disc sport competitions. I’ve become known as Frisbee Rob to many people and as such, I wanted to share with you my latest accomplishment.

Oer 18 years ago, on October 12, 1994, Mark Molnar threw a disc to Cheyenne Whippet and set the World Record for Distance to Canine Catch at 130.03 yards. Since then, many have come close to breaking the record but none have been successful.

Last August, I threw to Davy Whippet in our first competition together ever. Since then we’ve set 4 World Records together, won 3 World Championships and won the Quadruped National series. However our ultimate goal was to break Mark’s record.

Two weeks ago, on the 2nd day of attempts, in our 2nd throw, we were finally successful. With a catch at 134 yards, Davy and I broke Mark’s record and Davy becomes the first dog to officially catch a flying disc over 400 feet.

In addition to competing in distance competitions, we have also performed demos for the Edmonton Rush professional lacrosse team, in front of hundreds of fans at the Rainmaker Rodeo and for kids camps with the Calgary Humane Society.

I appreciate all of your continued support and I look forward to continuing to provide you with more ultimate related videos and articles.

Enjoy your weekend!
Rob McLeod
aka Ultimate Rob
aka Frisbee Rob

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